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Accessibility Coordinator

Penny sofer     

Fox Group's site is accessible according to the accessibility guidelines of the Israeli standards 5568. This is the same standard guidelines document AA "accessibility guidelines Web content" at a level of the international organization for Standardization. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)2.0


Due to conditions beyond our control, there are some instances where we are unable to provide information in an accessible format. We will be monitoring these sections, and develop an accessible solution as technology improves.

  • Reading of information displayed in the site using a screen reader developed for blind and vision-impaired users.

  • Pages are displayed in colors accessible for vision-impaired and color-blind users and by contrasting bright colored text on a dark background when needed.

  • Accessible site forms that provide simple and easy use for the disabled.

  • Easy navigation in and between.

  • web pages, including using only the keyboard.

  • The ability to change the font size by up to 200% on all web pages without difficulty and while continuing to navigate the site.

  • Clear display of the site.

  • Suitability to different browsers.

  • Suitability in different resolutions.

The process of increasing accessibility includes among other issues the following

Fox Group is committed to making its internet site accessible to users with physical, cognitive, and sensual disabilities based on the world view that everyone should have equal access to information.


Fox Group has invested significant resources in ensuring that our website is accessible in order to allow most of the population to browse easily and enjoy the services and contents on the site.

Providing accessibility to the Fox Group internet site for people with disabilities


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