I would like to Adopt/ Sponsor a Child as follows

$3,200 will provide 1 youth with extra-curricular activities in the dropout prevention program in the upcoming school year.
$6,400 will provide a full scholarship for 2 children in the Warm Homes for youths at risk – including food, educational guidance, psychological support and extra-curricular activities.
$9,600 will provide a full scholarship for 3 teenage girls at the Cherna Center – with year round support from psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers as well as occupational workshops and training.
$32,000 will provide professional support, extra-curricular activities and mentoring for a group of 10 youths at risk at a Menifa center.
$64,000 will provide 20 Olim (French, Ethiopian, Russian speaking) with educational mentors and tailored programing for in the upcoming school year.
Other amounts or programs

For U.S. tax, deductible contributions [(501(c)(3)] please make checks out to:

Option 1) "Central Fund of Israel" c/o Marcus Brothers Textile 980 6th Avenue New York, NY 10018 ATTENTION: MENIFA
Option 2) Friends of United Hatzalah 08 East 51st Street, Suite 303 New York, NY 10022 Tel: 646-833-7108 ATTENTION MENIFA

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